This is my magic

I find it fascinating working with new businesses that require branding, or businesses that are planning to shift focus and require a re-brand.

It is so deeply about setting the stage visually for them to expand and step into. It’s intuitive future-based visual communication that captures the essence of where a business wishes and is destined to be. It is inspired by nature and the fundamental structures in everything around us. It is built with love, devotion and intention. It is injected with magic beyond just me as a physical form and personality.

I spend so much time feeling the essence and being absolutely present with my clients and their offerings to the world, which is a natural skill, but my real art lies in taking that essence and creating pathways into the future for evolution and growth to take place. A strong visual home in the world to step into, that truly speaks them from the core, resonating exactly where it needs to, attracting exactly who it needs to.

This is my magic.

(Illustration: Ernst Haeckel)