We are all capsules of energy, we are all made up of billions of particles that have the same ingredients found in stars. Thoughts are energy, beliefs are energy, words, actions, colours. Everything is energy with its very own frequency. Actually to go back to a realisation I had when I was 16; Everything is Everything. We are the cosmos, the cosmos is us. Particles particles particles, energy energy energy. And so on and so forth…

What the Newton Method does essentially, is move around energy. Peeling off layers, reformatting, reorganising, reprogramming, rearranging, realigning frequencies, particles, energy. All for clearing the path to a higher consciousness, an alignment with our natural selves, dropping the baggage and the bullshit. It’s time for us to evolve and this is the forefront of personal development. It’s still fringe and strange to a lot of people. It doesn’t fit the current structure, and it isn’t the regular branding project.

We wanted to break the rules. We wanted to illustrate the fact that this is not a tangible thing that you can pick up and hold in your hands. It’s particles and energy. It’s thoughts and beliefs. It’s the impossible and the possible. We wanted to create something visually new and interesting that doesn’t follow a bunch of designer lingo and guidelines that have been stuck in place since god knows when. This is something new and it needed to reflect that. Its not corporate, its not handmade, its not small business. It’s the future. It’s universal.

The intentions behind this concept are layered and complicated, it is everything we’ve ever thought about and experienced as a human, yet it is so simple and just… ‘IS’. It’s subtle and it’s in your face. Energy and consciousness, the cyclic, spiralling nature of it and the layers of frequencies needed to be communicated. Consciousness symbolism was weaved in. It had to be infinite, never ending with no beginning and no end. It had to be organic, like the Newton Method style of coaching, yet it still had to hold some kind of a solid structure to fit our current reality. It needed to be new for the personal development world, strong and powerful but carry no cheeseball royal blues or transformational sparks or butterflies in triangles and rainbows coming out of unicorns arses. It had to be cool, clean, modern and classy – like you’ve got your shit together – but still magical. There had to be a balance of light and dark. The informational graphics had to be so far from a PowerPoint creation they are pieces of art themselves. This is a new way of communicating, at least for the personal development industry. This is something new…

Newton Method folio

Newton Method folio3

Newton Method folio4

Newton Method folio5

Newton Method folio6

Newton Method folio7

Newton Method folio8