A complete system of awakening; a governing body of knowledge providing a framework for living; a spiritual practice for anyone that deliciously celebrates life.

This project was a process that I integrated with my daily life, it was a deep experience that taught me more about myself. I dreamt about it night after night and I perfected turning my visions into reality. I considered all sides and theories and did the research I found to be most important. This is something that is much larger than me, this was something that was channelled through me and out into the physical world. I fully embodied the creation of Tantra is Love, it still baffles me. It really was like being in labour and the baby was a big, complicated but beautiful one.

In my usual process of breaking a project down to its absolute essence I had many questions and philosophies. I questioned the age old question: What is love? What is love to me? What is love to humans? In my pondering I found that love comes in many forms and processes, but the zero point I boiled love down to was our existence. The particles and energy that make us up are love. But what creates the space for us to exist? Ahhh, the two total balancing forces which fill my soul to the brim – the Sun and the Earth, which essentially is divine masculine and divine feminine, harmoniously supporting each other. That is mother-flipping love.

I wanted to weave in my conclusions without being too literal, the branding plays on these concepts. The Sun as essence, ideas, concepts and God, and the Earth as manifestation, form, texture and creativity. The concepts of masculine and feminine all so beautifully interweave. Also drawing on symbolism that is already recognised was just the beginning. Symbols hold so much power and I knew if I intentionally dissected and reformed the Chakra system this would form the basis of a powerful icon that actually communicates what Tantra is Love is, not just on a visual level, on all of the levels, there is so much going on inside this container the icon had to be simple, powerful and beautifully presented.

Tantra is Love needed to be completely accessible for anyone on any stage of their journey. Ditching the iconic blacks and reds of Tantra, an attractive, fresh colour combination was created, organic textures for a friendly, approachable feel and beautiful, simple, minimal design. Nothing more, nothing less, no added unnecessary fluff, swirls or flowers or the usual maroon palettes that Tantra is so often represented with. High end, beautifully produced, attention to detail and heart-driven intention. 

Here it is in all of its glory.


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