Seven Sisters is a unique annual all women’s festival in the surrounds of Melbourne, Australia. There is nothing like it around, it is informative and it has power. It is a portal to information not easily obtained by the general public presenting many avenues of brilliant, informative and deeply exploratory workshops that dive into all facets of life, death, love, sex, spirituality, health and wellbeing, and being a woman.

More people are finding themselves questioning, exploring and wanting to be self responsible. Consciousness is on the rise and Seven Sisters provides the perfect place to gather and connect, explore and expand, learn and share experiences as a collective with enormous support, understanding and love.

Seven Sisters is visually unfolded by focusing on the areas of self discovery, spirituality, connection to the self and others, sacred spaces to heal, dream and create and time for insight and knowledge. The brandmark symbolises wholeness and consciousness, vision and infinite knowledge, the four cardinal directions, purity of heart and mind, dreaming and universal connection, movement and balance for health. All of this is combined together as one powerful representation with an overall positive, fresh but warm and inviting feel. Seven Sisters is ultimately about connection, providing us with a compass as we weave in and out of all areas of our lives.

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