Love Your Cycle will enlighten you to the mysteries and cyclic nature of women. It is a portal for juicy information around the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual ebbs and flows of the female cycle and what to expect in each of the 4 phases for personal benefit.

It is a community and a soon to be app that is designed to bring orientation, information and empowerment around the female cycle.

Cyclic awareness is the key to managing and really making the most of your juicy life. Every day women wake up a new person with different abilities! We are constantly changing and evolving creatures, from week to week, month to month. Keeping up doesn’t have to be hard.

Understanding the ebbs and flows of your natural cycle help you maximise your abilities throughout the month and plan ahead for future cycles. Whether that is factoring in important downtime and reassessment, planning for business meetings, making big decisions or getting inspired for creative projects, every woman will benefit from knowing and loving her cycle.

When the women know the men will benefit too! Love Your Cycle is not just for women, it is about bringing awareness and understanding of the cycle for men too! For deeper, more loving connections, optimising strengths in business, to a well timed bunch of flowers and chocolates for when she really needs it. Knowing your partner, friend, lover or mother can make a world of difference for everyone!

The branding and visual elements draw on the symbolic energy of the 4 phases, the influence of the moon and connection to seasonal cycles. It is simple, yet playful.

Wooden circular discs bring it into tangible reality with a compass of the 4 phases. The website is clean, modern and bright steering away from the staleness, woo-woo and alternative feel often related to women’s cyclic teachings. It is accessible and pleasant, yet mysterious, esoteric, deep and fun.

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