Kikari ; khechari / dakini = sky traveller / sky dancer.

“One who moves freely in space, dances in the sky, and sports blissfully in the limitless expanse of emptiness. Female who flies.”

“The reign of the maternal nurturer gave way to the triumphant sway of the dynamic, fiery dakini, whose sole interest is liberation. From her sovereign vantage point of ultimate truth, she recognises all human concerns as mere bubbles of illusion. Dancing in the realm of ultimate freedom, they beckon their beholders to leap free of the confines of worldy, illusions and soar into a dazzling realm of infinite possibilities.”

In the following pages you will find the vision unfold of Kikari. I have taken into consideration all of the inspiration provided and all that has been discussed,
as well as my own intuitive direction on how it should unfold, what this brand aims to communicate and the value if will provide to all those that seek it. It is layered, weaving in ancient meanings, spiritual aspects, ritual, freedom, creativity, tells a story, and has equal depths of light and dark.

I was inspired from some of the tantric scripts, images of dakinis and scents of the earth and forests. By mortality; life and death and the thin veil that separates them – the space between – where dreams are not separate from reality and we are infinitely free. I wanted to weave into the logo primal female essence, the cosmic womb: the birth source of the phenomenal world, crimson and reds: the hue of life force, blood of birth, menstrual blood, and fire of spiritual transformation. The symbol for the cosmic womb is where the concept starts, it expands upwards to connect with the heart, and then beyond to connect to the heavens, a dazzling realm of infinite possibilities where the sky travellers dance. I wanted to keep the logo simple but powerful.

The packaging unfolds the concept behind the logo, made of illustrations with hidden meanings, weaving in all of the above, all coming together to tell the story of the brand. Rather than being separate from the branding, it is part of it, unfolding Kikari in a unique way. Gold foil with red hints on black linen boxes with ribbon pull drawers, sliding open to reveal the chalice ritual massage candles. It is an experience, not just a product. It is a ritualistic practice, opening into realms that can be accessed by anyone willing to receive her touch.

Beyond is the unfolding of Kikari.


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