Integrated Man is a program for men that deeply explores masculinity with more depth and meaning. It clears old belief patterns through adventure, rituals and processes. It is a new model of powerful, healthy, integrated, conscious masculinity.

The Integrated Man is made up of 7 archetypes, each archetype has been condensed down into a symbol and placed together to form the fully integrated man, a new powerful symbol on its own housing all elements of man. The symbol acts like a compass pointing in different directions of the psyche and of  life, whilst always being connected and centred to infinity and the universe.

The symbol is also similar to a cell. Lots of different cells make up the complete cell, this cell makes a new breed of man using cellular upgrades – processes and challenges in the course. If the archetype cells are healthy and strong, the integrated man cell as a whole is healthy and strong, and many integrated men cells make healthy and strong communities, communities expand to wider culture and so on. Changing the world, a ripple effect, of better men with healthier archetype cells, one man at a time.

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