emerge festival

Emerge Festival is the magnificent creation of Multicultural Arts Victoria. Melbourne’s rich cultural heritage comes alive with a main annual music and arts festival presenting amazing new refugee and emerging artists, performances and exotic foods from around the globe. It is a unique cultural experience for all ages with a community vibe and handmade feel. Now expanding into 6 separate events per year, it has been a pleasure to watch it grow and be part of this vibrant festival for 6 years and counting.

The concept emanates around the symbolism of the rising or emerging sun, which is the centre of all life. This represents the opportunity for artists to step into the public eye and emerge from the multicultural community to be heard and seen. The most recent years artwork was created using hand cut and folded paper rings to create the layers of the sun, these were coloured and patterned to suit the flavour of each festival. Festival guides, posters, flyers, t-shirts and online media carry the vibrancy, from cutting board to the hands of the community. Printed on recycled, uncoated stock, the mini Festival guides make a keepsake for years to come.



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The first series of Emerge Festival artwork follows the 4 elements. Originally combined with repetition and pattern work inspired from traditional african weaving and crafts, each festival represents different qualities the event brings to the community. Earth: Grounding and togetherness, Water: flow and substance, Air: unseen purity of the spirit and heart, Fire: hidden harmony and transformation, light and warmth.

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