Here lies the vision of Dancing Eros. I have journeyed deep with her, to all corners dark and light. I have flowed in and out of each archetype as I sat in front of the glow of my computer screen lost in creating worlds in my imagination that manifested before my eyes. It has not been easy, to actualise what is felt, things that have no words and cannot be explained bound by language. It is far beyond that. It is all feeling transformed, for the eyes to fall upon and into, visuals that invoke deep desire within. Visuals that connect to what is all inside of us no matter how covered up and suppressed. Visuals that are layered with information and power, that are downloads of what this experience actually is. It is old, very old, yet it is new, a new chance for deeper connection and empowerment. And love.

Dancing Eros is warm and inviting with mystery and wonder, darkness and light. The colours are of the heart and the womb, holding and loving all who enters her. She is sex, she is fire, she is raw, honest and open. She is the divine inner beauty in all of us, more often than not, hidden inside. When you lay eyes upon her she sparks a deep longing and desire to connect to the core, to drop all of the bullshit and just be, instinctively moving through euphoria and ecstasy and freedom. She is the essence of what it is to be WOMAN, real unapologetic woman.

The archetypes are represented with symbolism and photography to portray the energies within. Each one formed with full focus and attention while experiencing and holding these energies. Music was used to invoke them further and be in the correct state to channel and actualise what now exists visually. The cycles’ creative phase was utilised to fully and deeply to connect to the inner knowledge and bring forth the magic, to birth the vision on the crossover to reflective phase for context and oversight. All navigated with feeling and intuition.

Credits to the amazing James Looker Photography for his gift of capturing magic and essence in his photos.

There are no more words, you will feel it all.

 Dancing Eros folio

Dancing Eros folio3

Dancing Eros folio2

Dancing Eros folio4

Dancing Eros folio5

Dancing Eros folio6

Dancing Eros folio7

Dancing Eros folio8

Dancing Eros folio9

Dancing Eros folio10

Dancing Eros folio11

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