In the below I have unfolded a vision based on deep research into numbers, geometry, music and cosmology for an architect firm that takes inspiration from nature – biomimicry. I have explored the depths of divine symmetry, vortex based mathematics, quantum atom theory and the hidden languages in our numbering system, while maintaining and open mind and holistic understanding of the world we live in today and the industry positioning of 369 Building Design.

I wanted to weave in intention and a depth of knowledge into this branding, I know it stands for much more than a future architect firm or building design business. It is a platform to step onto to reach the new levels and heights as the director, Mariana, personally evolves. It is a complete overhaul from the current container of her business. It is new, meaningful and rich with endless possibilities.

It’s not just a brand, it is a re-inspiration and completely new business merged with personal direction.

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3; three; tri; triad; triangle:

Systemic Attribute: Dynamism

Male in some cultures, female in others, three, like a tree bridges heaven and earth.

The Triad relates opposites as their comixture, solution or mediator. It is the synthesis or return to unity after the division of two and is also traditionally the first odd number.

The third leg of a stool gives it balance, the third strand of a braid makes a plait.

Stories, fairy tales and spiritual traditions abound with portentous threes, juggling past, present and future with the knower, knowing and the known. As birth, life and death, the triad appears throughout nature, in principle and form.

The triangle, trinity’s most simple and structural device, is the first stable polygon, defining the first surface.

This is the magic of 3.

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6; six; hex; hexad; hexagon:

Systemic Attribute: Coalescence

The Hexad, like its graceful herald the snowflake, brings perfection, structure and order. The marriage by multiplication of two and three, even and odd, six is also the number of creation, with a cosmos made in six days a common theme in scripture.

Six is the sum and product of the first three numbers, and its factors are just one, two and three, these summing to six, making it the first perfect number.

After the triangle and square the hexagon is the final regular polygon that can tile perfectly with identical copies of itself to fill the plane.

The three dimensions make for six directions: forward, backward, left, right, up, ad down, and these are embodied in the six faces of a cube, the six corners of an octahedron and the six edges of a tetrahedron.

Six occurs widely in crystalline structures such as snowflakes, quartz and graphite, and hexagons of carbon atoms form the basis of organic chemistry. Just add water.

Insects creep and crawl on six legs, and the honey bee arranges its dry, waxy secretions into an instinctive hexagonal honeycomb.

This is the magic of 6.

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9; nine; ennead; enneagon:

Systemic Attribute: Harmonization

Nine is the triad of triads, the first odd square number, and with it something extraordinary occurs, for the first nine numbers can be arranged into a magic square where every line of three in any direction has the same total. This ancient number pattern was first spotted four millennia ago on the shell of a divine turtle emerging from the river Lo in China.

Three times three is one more than two times two time two, and the ration between nine and eight defines the crucial whole tone in music.

There are nine regular three-dimensional shapes: the five Platonic solids and the four Kepler-Poinsot polyhedra.

Nine appears in our bodies as the cross-section of the tenticle-like cilia, which moves things around our surfaces, and the bundles of microtubes and centrioles essential for cell division.

Nine is the celestial number of order, and many ancient traditions speak of nine worlds, spheres, or levels of reality. Cats have 9 lives, cloud 9 is referred to when blissful.

This is the magic of 9.


What is so special about 3; 6; 9?

Like nine, three and six are descendants of equal importance. One could not exist without the other.

Dynamism, coalescence and harmony.

Like the previous quote by Nikola Tesla, if we truly saw and understood the magnificence of these numbers, it would be an insight into understanding the unseen sacred language of existence itself. Like anything that is intricately studied, it is a microcosmic insight into the macrocosm.

3, 6 & 9 are not physical, but govern the physical world at the quantum level, they represent ALL of the numbers combined, and nothing. Singularity and divergence.

This is the magic of 3, 6 and 9.

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3;6;9; visually depicted; the Enneagon

This is the outcome when combining visual geometric shapes of three, six and nine.

The construction shown, divides a circle into a nine from an initial six pointed star using three centres. To make an Enneagon, there are three sources and six steps.

The Enneagon is laden with initiatory veils and stories of nine worlds or realms in many shamanic traditions.

The overcoming of hazard is by a synthesis of dynamism and coalescence. The dynamism enables a process to work and the coalescence is the integration of the complexity of action as an independent event, creating harmonization.

A symbol deep and rich with concept and meaning represents an offering that brings nature, light, space and time together to create harmonious environments not just to live in, but to BE in.

This is the symbol of 3, 6 and 9.

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