How long does it take?

Each project goes through a series of stages. The creative process goes very deep into thought and analysis, we literally live and breathe the project until an idea is ready to be born. A full branding package is a deeply thought through, pulled apart and pieced back together again visually. You can imagine this is a time consuming task. While every project is unique and have different deliverables and requirements, you can expect a 6 -8 week turnaround from project initiation to delivery.

Is there a waiting list?

It would be so awesome to click our fingers and send you a shiny new design today! But we work with a queue system so we can dedicate consistent intention and energy necessary to complete your project in the best way possible. Often there will be a crossover of a few projects running at once. Being conscious women, we take advantage of our monthly cycles and the magic that surfaces in each phase, to have a project run through our creative phases means you get the juiciest of blue sky thinking and ideas! Our services are deliberately personal, so we only take on a select number of projects at once. Don’t worry, we will give you plenty to think about if you have to wait a little bit.

How much does it cost?

Each project is very unique with different deliverables, while there is a standardised packaging system, all work is quoted on a per project basis. Each project requires a 50% deposit to commence. Contact us for more information. Before quoting a brief and project application form will need to be filled out and returned.

I only have a small budget, can you whip me up a simple logo for my business?

You get what you pay for, and logos are never that simple if you want them to last! A lot of time, energy and effort goes into the creative thinking behind a brand. If you value your business, you know the importance of investing in an exceptional, meaningful and awesome visual representation of you. Your self worth should be better than that!

I know E.X.A.C.T.L.Y. what I want, can you do my branding? It should be really quick and easy!

I’m sorry but we are not computer monkeys :( Think of it like commissioning an artist. You choose the artist for the style, depth and feel of their work. While taking briefs and client requirements very seriously, we still need to run free in the creative fields of wonder and delight to our hearts content. The heart never lies, if you cage it all hearts will be unhappy and unserved. We work together but there must be a level of trust in the process and talent.

Can you do my dads-brothers-uncles logo for his dry cleaning business?

I’m sure the guy’s great and a refresh of his 80’s branding would do him a world of good! But no, that is not our forte. Not to imply he is not doing anything good for the world, but we work with emerging, trend pushing, sustainably focussed and ultra conscious businesses doing great things. It is our input at evolving the world for the better.

I have changes to the concepts you’ve just sent, from Mary Poppins, my other business partner that you haven’t met, can you do these now, it might change a lot of things?

Sure, but did you know it will be a lot of extra work and will probably incur extra costs? A lot of thought goes into our concepts and we take your brief very seriously. It is very important that we meet all parties who will be the core decision makers of the visual direction of a brand or project. Otherwise it is like playing chinese whispers and we all know how that works out… If there are too many chefs in the kitchen… well, you know how that works out too. We energetically feel the vision and the unfolding of a project from the person/people we speak to. It is close to impossible to please everyone (we all perceive things differently), especially if they are surprise business partners after lots of juicy time and effort have gone into producing concepts to a specific brief. Remember, we are more akin to the likes of a commissioned artist and really FEEEEL our clients, even over email!

Can you handle the printing after the project is done?

Yes, in fact we prefer to. We work with a select few of amazing printers that only output high quality with attention to detail and that are reasonably priced. The finished output is what completes the concept and design. This is strongly envisioned when creating your brand and working on your project. There is nothing worse than paying for high end branding and messing up the output by using low quality printing, it really makes us sad and hurt inside.

What do I get?

You get magic! No really, what we are doing here is modern day magic! Intention is injected at every level of the creative process, we cant work any other way and steer clear of empty, surface level design. Everything has been thought through and fits perfectly into a concept. Your project is bulging at the seams with meaning and depth and has strong conceptual foundations holding it up. It is not just surface level graphics that anyone can do, its full and rich, modern and fresh. Ideas are worth their weight in gold. You get the actualised ideas!

How will I receive my files?

Logos and supporting elements are supplied in vector and jpg formats in all variations you might need. Each project comes with brand specifications and a style guide. Any printed deliverables will be supplied as press ready pdfs and if we are handling the printing you will receive the real thing! Depending on your projects needs you may require templates, to discuss get in touch with us.

Can I have all of the working files so I can give it to my in-house designer?

No. Original working files are like a sou chefs ingredients list, it is the magic script that brings everything together. Integrity is paramount and to maintain high integrity, working files are protected for the sake of the integrity of your brand, and our work. Refer to the above ‘How will I receive my files?’ for what will be handed over.

Do you build websites?

Currently our focus is not on building websites, we are brand, print and idea specialists. However we do design the look and feel of websites to fit with your branding or project, and we can work with your web extraordinaire. We know how much integrity counts when rolling out a brand or project and love the consistent flow of artwork through all mediums. We are however, looking for web specialists to fit into our future! If you are super creative, cutting edge and awesome at what you do, contact us!

Will you do my work overnight?

Like you mean stay up and not sleep? Hmmm. we are not going to be the workhorse computer monkey that is available 24/7 like other designers promote, sorry pals. We all deserve balance and equality. That being said, we will always try to help as much as humanly possible without killing ourselves. Refer to quote analogy: “Happy wife, happy life.”

Do you do the cooking and cleaning as well?

Wouldn’t that be awesome!? While we are great at handling a lot of requests, we do ask that you are organised, timely with communication and responses, and getting us the right information we need to execute your project.

How do I pay?

All invoices will have payment details for you to easily transfer your money. We do not accept credit cards unless your are happy to pay the paypal percentage, or cheques (cheques are old school now — and the bank holds onto them for too long basking in the glory of their interest). The best way to pay is bank transfer or direct deposit. Please include the invoice number in your description when paying.

These FAQs are a bit tongue in cheek, but the info here is serious and legit. Any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


We are always looking for unique creatives to join our creative hub, whether you are a product specialist, sustainable packaging designer, typographer, illustrator, web genius, futurist, now-ist, philosopher, magician, culture changer or just really creative, quirky and conscious… and if you think you fit the bill, contact us and introduce yourself.

Are you after a designer that will take your idea and craft it to your exact specifications without much creative input and for not much money?
Are you after a conceptual artist that will turn your business inside out, deconstruct you and your purpose to get to the core of who you are and what you really stand for, to then build a strong, authentic, beautiful brand with ideas and artwork that go far beyond expectations?