Hot off the press


Thrilled to have received these manuals hot off the press! So exciting feeling the textured paper in my hands after many hours scheming and designing it down to the last detail.

I am a perfectionist. Sometimes painfully and maddening. It’s definitely a form of OCD… But it’s also what makes me good at what I do. How you do one thing is how you do everything right?

After a lot of creativity rebranding Tantra Is Love (which is out soon), I’ve had the pleasure of branding The Awaken Series and designing these sexy manuals. Now I finally get to attend The Beginning series. The first 8 week tantric yoga course of 8 amazing, life changing courses, which I highly recommend to anyone.

The manuals are printed on 100% recycled stock, white ink printing on Buffalo Board, coloured hand stitching for each series, Eco Star 100% recycled internals – what a dream project actualised!

Check out the sexy website we just designed for too!