Esoteric Aquarian Ponderings


Our energetic incarnation.


Energy is all around us. It flows through everything.


I like to think of our energetic astrological fingerprint inherent in each of us in this way:


Imagine a flowing river. The current is shaped by the objects in and around it. Imagine several big boulders in the middle of a that river, it changes the flow of the water and how the current interacts with the next boulder, and the next.


At the moment of your birth an energetic fingerprint is captured. From the first breath, the embodiment of the soul and the arrival into an earthly form.


Imagine, as the earth, we are in a constant flowing river of energy. The energy is transformed as it comes into contact with the planets and bodies in our solar system. Like when the wind comes in contact with a sand dune it picks up the sand and takes it with it, the energy of the planets are carried to earth and infuses earth with streams upon streams of pure energy.


This is happening at every single moment. It is infused in everything we touch. It is part of us when we awake in human form for the first time.


It changes as orbiting objects move in its path. Like when a cloud moves in front of the sun.


Now imagine, rather than energy ‘moving’ towards us in a linear fashion, it just is.


It is part of every layer, every tear drop, every breath. It IS everything.


So what is that energy? Where does it come from? The energy that is in everything.


Some call it god. Some call it spirit. Some call it life force.


I call it magic.


Now imagine the fertilisation of an egg. Energy streaming toward something. A genetic fingerprint is created when it reaches its destination. Fractal detour.


But back to planets, does all of this put earth at the centre of our solar system? Well when it comes to understanding ourselves, yes. But we are also part of a much bigger picture!


We also have an effect of the flow of energy on other things. I like to daydream about being incarnated on another planet in our solar system, and what the winds of energy bring from earth.


And then I like to daydream about being incarnated in another solar system and what the winds of energy bring from other solar systems, subtly layering on top of the current planet communications.


And then go even further and imagine billions of solar systems all giving and receiving at once. And how we all effect each other. And the constant interstellar communications. And the delicate balance of being closer or further away from something meaning exisiting or not. The relationship between the Sun and the Earth. And how everything is perfectly placed and simply cannot be any other way and how overwhelmingly spectacular and beautiful it all is.


And that is when I turn into particles.


My mind is my biggest turn on, oh the places it takes me.


But what if the evolution of astrology and of humans was to understand and integrate the communications of other solar systems? And the integration of those into our psyches. We are really only just exploring the tip of the iceberg by incorporating asteroids into our beings. Imagine whole other solar systems and their planets and asteroids?! I wonder when we will go interstellar? Will we even be human anymore? Will our epoch have been washed away like those before us?


I also like to think about other planets being inhabited in our solar system. Say if there was an embodied lower consciousness on Mars. And we were observing them destroying each other (let nature take its course?) but they were also destroying their planet. Not having Mars would be a big deal, and might even take out earth in the meantime. We would need to pay them a visit and say “hey guys, sort your shit out”. Would they understand us if they were a nine legged crustations?


Most likely not.


And then I think about my part in saving our planet and evolving us to a place beyond self destruction.


I remember doing an assignment in high school in R.E (I’m not religious). But we had to choose a passage from the bible and talk about what we thought its meaning was. I chose ‘God created man for self destruction’. When I discovered that passage I thought ‘FU God’ and from that moment onwards separated myself from the Piscean era and stepped into the future and creating a different story of not only my existence but humankind.