LUMINA Magazine

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The Magical Art of Josie Morway

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J U N I P E R Social Media Pack

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NATURALIS – A Lookbook Template

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Heartwork, soul calling

My blood is the night sky, my womb the centre of the universe and my heart beats ... see more
W A N D E R blog

New template for photographers

N E W W A N D E R E R S - Photography brochure Just released ... see more
J U N I P E R blog

Digital downloads / affordable templates

The time has come. Beautiful design needs to be accessible without spending thousands of dollars on everything ... see more

New Math

It's hard not to like New Math by Craig Damrauer. "I've always seen New Math as a ... see more

The Secrets of Alchemy

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This is my magic

I find it fascinating working with new businesses that require branding, or businesses that are planning to ... see more

Biomimicry R&D

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Divine Symmetry

“There is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the ... see more