Biomimicry R&D


Learning all about Biomimicry and taking inspiration from nature for a new design project today. One of my favourite subjects!

Biomimicry is the imitation of the models, systems, and elements of nature for the purpose of solving complex human problems. Living organisms have evolved well-adapted structures and materials over geological time through natural selection. Biomimetics has given rise to new technologies inspired by biological solutions at macro and nanoscales. Humans have looked at nature for answers to problems throughout our existence. Nature has solved engineering problems such as self-healing abilities, environmental exposure tolerance and resistance, hydrophobicity, self-assembly, and harnessing solar energy.

I strongly and completely believe all of our answers lie in nature. We have strayed from the path of what we are made of. Synthetics, modified foods and chemicals have leaked into our diets, water, health and well being and just about every other area of our day to day modern lives. It’s actually very difficult to be free of toxins and chemicals! Our minds can be scattered, our hearts can be closed and we have lost real connection to other sentient beings of all shapes and forms. Re-wilding is becoming a ‘trend’ and the in thing now, but I’ve never lost the connection in the first place. Nature inspires me, in everything that I do. I am filled with absolute joy and wonder when I am surrounded by it, when I watch things grow, when I witness animals peacefully being in their natural environment. Nothing else fills me with so much love and joy than these things.

One of my favourite biology illustrators, Ernst Haeckel (dedicated post to him later), has always fascinated me with how he so intricately recorded the absolute, astonishing beauty in nature, from the tiniest micro organisms. They are organic geometry at its finest. HUGE inspiration for me and my work. His illustrations make me squeal with delight from the inside out. Below are some snippets of his work.









While doing my research for this current project I am working on, I stumbled across some amazing eco engineering inspired by the structures and organic beauty in nature. Green Village in Bali is stunning. It is a master-planned community of eighteen dramatically unique homes, hand-constructed by the Ibuku team. Each home is custom designed and rigorously engineered to embody the inherent strengths and versatility of bamboo. Located walking distance from Green School, Green Village encompasses all of the architectural innovations, sustainable principles and artisan craftsmanship of the world famous campus.

Ibuku is an international team of skilled artisans, architects, engineers, and designers creating homes, structures, and interiors crafted of bamboo. They create fully functional structures, furniture, and gardens that are handcrafted by Balinese artisans and utilise local and natural materials. The Ibuku design team is lead by creative director Elora Hardy, the daughter of the founder of Green School.

Green Village_4

Green Village_8

Green Village_2

Green Village_7

Green Village_6

Green Village_5

Green Village_12

Green Village_11

Green Village_9

Green Village_13

Green Village_10

Green Village_3

Green Village_1


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