2018 Moon Phases & Signs Calendar




Happy new year magical ones!

I love potentiality. I love making the most of what is available to me. Which is why I created this beautiful Moon Phases and Signs calendar for 2018.

It’s really special to me because it marks the beginning of so much more to come.

I’m not going to lie, I made it for myself, enriched with layers of magic and intention.

But it’s available for pre-order right now through my shop.



Stay in tune with the moon phases, signs and your cycle for 2018.

Beautifully illustrated and printed with magical gold ink on 100% recycled A2 poster stock.

Track your cycle with the moon by colouring in the droplet.

Know what sign the moon is in every day of the year. Comes with a key covering the signs, symbols and elements for understanding the flavour of the moon. Moon phases are also outlined for working with the moon’s energy, including eclipses – the portal openers!

Connect more with the moon, it’s like a big reflector echoing with wisdom of the cosmos back down to us. Get to know the signs by feeling the movement of the moon through them. Connection to the moon effects our cycles too, which is why you can track your blood moons.

The moon changes astrological signs every 2.5 days.

You can choose your timezone:
North America: PST
Australasia: AEST

**PRE-ORDER:** Available now. Shipping starts the third week of January.

Please email for wholesale costs if you wish to stock this product. Available worldwide!




2017 was big.

Here is to 2018 with so much more growth, love and owning our magic.

May your year be prosperous and full of wonders of the ever evolving thing we call life.

Don’t forget who you really are, a shining soul of the same source as all of the others, and me.

Enjoy the magic of the moon and being a conduit between the heaven and the earth!

With love magic ones 😘